"Nowadays, having time is perhaps the ultimate luxury"

That's why at Olivier Douglas, we are proud to orchestrate the lives of our customers in the Bordeaux region. They entrust us with the partition and we set it to music, in harmony and according to the rhythm of their preference. Please find below, the different services we offer.

Daily life


  • Cleaning, dry cleaning
  • Administrative procedures
  • Grocery shopping
  • Home care professionals (hairdressing, manicure, massage, sports coaching)
  • Gift search, flower delivery
  • Catering, chef at home
  • Taxi, car with driver and limousine services
  • Shoe repair, Pharmacy
  • Children (sitting, school pick-up)
  • Automotive (administrative, maintenance, repairs, rental, driver, airport transfer)

At home


  • Global bnb management for short term rental
  • Interior decoration, renovation
  • Guarding, maintenance during absence
  • Presence during deliveries and repairs
  • Repairs and maintenance (DIY, electricity, plumbing, IT)
  • Housekeeping, daily management of the house
  • Gardening, landscaper
  • Move
  • Real estate (looking for goods and professionals)



  • Organization of personal events
    • anniversary
    • wedding
    • baby shower
  •  Organization of corporate events
    • team building



  • Unusual requests
  • Jet (organization, catering, cleaning)
  • Helicopter trips Car rental (sportscar, vintage, limousine)
  • VIP access (castles, sports tournaments, shows)
  • Buying / selling works of art




  • House repairs
  • Medical emergencies
  • Repatriation from abroad